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Question: Where can you find the best Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, and Perch fishing in the United States?

Answer: Lake Erie, hands down!


Walleye fishing in the Western Basin begins each year in late March and continues through mid-August. On Lake Erie in Ohio there is a 15-inch minimum size limit for Walleye. The daily bag limit is 4 fish per person from March 1 through April 30 and 6 fish per person per day for the remainder of the year.

Note: Those seeking trophy Walleye should consider April through May. Those seeking numbers of quality eating-size fish (17 to 23 inches) should plan there fishing days from latter May through mid-August.

Note: In 2014 the bulk of the harvest of walleye in the Western and Central Basins of Lake Erie will come from the 2004 to 2008 hatch years. Fish from the 2003 hatch class will range in size 27 to 31 inches long while fish from the 2008 hatch class will be 17 to 21 inches long.



Around the middle of May after the spawn, which varies a bit from year to year depending on water temperatures, the bass fishing begins to heat up around the islands in the Western Basin. This is a catch and release only time. The the season for Smallmouth Bass--catch and keep--opens the last Saturday of June each year in Ohio and also Canada. (Canada does not allow catch and release prior to the opening of the season.) In season there is a 14-inch minimum size limit for Bass U.S. is the same. The daily limit is 5 fish per person .

Note: The best time to fish for Smallmouth Bass in the Western Basin of Lake Erie is mid-August through October. September and October are prime. Spring fishing opportunities are available but not encouraged due to nesting fish.

We do a large percentage of Smallmouth fishing 0n the Canadian side of Lake Erie primarily around Pelee Island.



Fishing for Yellow Perch begins each year in early April and continues through October. Perch our most active during the daylight hours at water temperatures between 45 and 75 degrees. There is no minimum size limit for Perch in Ohio or Canada. The daily bag limit is 30 fish per person.

Note: The months of April, May, August and September produce predicatively larger fish. Prized by anglers of all ages, the Yellow Perch is one of Lake Erie's most popular sport fish and one of the tastiest as well.

Steelhead Fishing

For those thinking about a Steelhead trip in 2014, I would suggest a Steelhead/Walleye combination package during mid-June through early August. Steelhead are commonly found in the deeper, cooler water of the central basin of Lake Erie. (Getting there requires some travel, but the distance is not prohibitive.) Walleye normally also inhabit this same area. Thus, a combination charter targeting both species usually makes for a more productive outing. Steelhead size ranging 20 to 31 inches are commond.

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